Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Tips for Staying Healthy on Vacation

There is nothing I love more than some time away with the family on vacation!  I am definitely a beach bunny as opposed to a snow bunny.   Our favorite getaway is a trip down to the Florida Panhandle in the 30A or Sandestin area.  We just got back from a great trip so I thought I would share some of my tricks to staying healthy.....for most of the trip anyways.

1.  Prepare!  Setting yourself up for success is important.  I always pack some of my healthy go-to snacks with me.
GG Crackers
Fiber One Cereal
Ole Low Carb Wraps

2.  Switch out the bread for the Low Carb Wraps.  These wraps are full of fiber to help keep you fuller and are a much better option than bread.

3.  Use low calorie mixers.  Let's be honest, what is a good vacation with out some drinks?!  I always mix my cocktails with low sugar options to help save my calories where I can.  Currently crushing on these Bai Sparkling Water that even has some caffeine in them.  Soda or La Croix is always a great go to option as well.  I am also a fan of infused Vodkas.  My fave one is the Kettle One Cucumber Botanical.

4. Break a sweat.  I love waking up and going on a slow steady jog.  If you do something active it helps your mindset stay more motivated throughout the day.   I also always look for classes to try around town.   Class Pass is a great option if you are traveling in a city that offers it too.

5.  Rent some bikes.  I love riding around on a bike for fun and exercise.  We rented a Burley bike trailer to pull the kids on and that was a hard workout in itself.

6.  Start out healthy.  No matter what I do, I try and get a good healthy breakfast to start.  If I start out with a doughnut the rest of the day is a disaster.  At least if I have a nice healthy, high fiber breakfast I can sustain saying no to treats a little longer.  My go-to this trip was Fiber One Cereal with no sugar Almond Milk or GG Crackers with Low Fat Cottage Cheese and Salsa.

7. Pick a fun day!  I always have a day a vacation I eat/drink whatever I want.  It usually is the last day and I look forward to it during the week.  I saved up for my Pina Colada and my Chicken Nachos... as well as some other things, and it was well worth the wait!  Having something to look forward to can keep you on track to get there.

Most importantly, it's vacation, so try not to be too hard on yourself, and surely don't weigh up on your return.

Hope everyone has a great summer!!


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