Monday, May 6, 2019

GG Crackers

I get lots of questions from you guys about my GG fiber crackers. Some of you have a love/hate relationship with them, ha!  I know they can be hard to get used to, but give these Scandinavian crackers a chance to get your daily fiber in! I always pack my GG crackers with me when I am traveling.  It makes it so much easier to get in my daily fiber goal of 35 grams.  I have also been known to take them with me to Mexican restaurants to help keep me away from the chips on the table.  Chips and dip are my biggest downfall, so I'll do anything I can to keep myself away from them.

Here is the skinny on the GG’s:

I use them in place of bread, a wrap or chips. I don’t eat them by themselves. They give an extra crunch to my food to keep me fuller for longer. You can also use them as croutons for your salad, or as the breading on chicken. These crackers are also F-Factor approved, which is the lifestyle diet I live by.

Each cracker gives you 4 grams of fiber and only 2 net carbs. I always order the original, but I will say the Pumpkin Seed ones are a little tastier and easier eat on their own. Hey 

Some of my fave ways to "dress" a GG:

Tuna fish
Swiss cheese with turkey pepperoni (just like a pizza ;)
Deli meat with mustard 
Babybel cheese with everything but the bagel seasoning 
Dipped in salsa and hummus 
Cream Cheese + tomato
Peanut butter 
Smoked salmon + cream cheese + capers

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