Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Get up and get going! Morning Workout Tips

People ask me when, and how I have time to workout...the truth is I really don't, ha.  It's so important to me to take some time out for myself and get some type of sweat on.  As I have gotten older, and had kids in the picture, the after work nighttime workouts are just not an option for me.  So, I have made a commitment to make myself get up in the mornings before the day starts.  Would I rather keep lying in bed most days?  Of course.  But, I can promise you that you will feel better throughout the day and have an early sense of accomplishment if you get up and get a workout in.

The good news is, it does get easier.  Your body can be trained and will start to adapt to your schedule.  I automatically wake up in the 5's now without even setting an alarm.

Here are some of my tips for getting up and working out
• Set out all clothes, maybe in another room,  so you get out of your room to get dressed
• Make an energy drink the night before ( I love Advocare Products) and drink right when you get up
MCT Oil Powder is a great energy booster that you can put in your coffee and supports fat loss 🙌🏻
• Workout buddy is crucial.  Get somebody that can hold you accountable
• Start slow! I am not the best at running first thing. I love yoga in the morning, or you can do a quick 15 min workout at your house to start
• Go to bed early! Like when your kids go down, you go down. I go to bed around 8:30 pm
• Have you heard of the Clocky Alarm?!  This thing cracks me up
• I don’t encourage sleeping away from your hubby, but maybe sleeping in another room for the first week. It’s harder to get out of bed when someone else is snoozing
• It will get easier! I love my morning routine, and feel so much better and energized throughout the day

Get your day started right, and get that morning workout on!


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