Monday, January 21, 2019

Healthy Snacks Idea

Happy New Year everyone!  I know we all try to refocus at the beginning of the year and get motivated to be healthy.  I think one of the hardest things is trying to find snacks that are satisfying, as well as healthy.  It's a hard task to do but here are some ideas + things that I go to!

You can find most of these under our Shop Amazon tab on the blog.  I get so many of my healthy treats on here, and I will update it as I find more goodies.

I feel like a broken record but my goal in eating is always: lower carb, higher fiber, lower fat and low sugar.  I am not big on counting anything: it has always stressed me out and made me obsess over what I am eating more than I need to.  I do try and get around 30 grams of fiber per day.  Once you know what foods have high fiber and eat them, you really do not have to focus on the actual number.

Snack Options:

GG Crackers:  I talk about them all the time.  They are a great option to use for making a sandwich with.  You can add toppings to this as well.  Turkey Pepperoni and cheese, Hummus, Salsa, Avocado spread.

Whisps: I love these little Parmesan crisps packed with lots of flavors and low in carbs.  I also dip them in salsa and use them like a chip

Turkey Pepperoni: I usually get the Boar's Head brand 

Low Fat String Cheese

Low Fat Cottage Cheese:  I mix mine with salsa to make it more tasty!

Almonds: Try and choose unsalted- I also use almonds for dipping in hummus

Deli turkey:  I just grab a slice and put some mustard on it.

Ole Low Carb Wraps: I live by these. High in fiber and delish!  You can make your sandwiches with them or put anything on them you like.  My bread substitute

Tuna Fish: I like to make a large batch and just have it to snack on our put on a GG cracker.  I make it with one egg, dijon mustard, and a small scoop of low sugar relish

Sea Weed Crisps: Great snack to keep in your car

Yogurt: Always make sure you check the sugar count.  I try to stay around 5 grams of sugar.  I like the Oikos Triple Zero or the Greek Light and Fit

Quest Chips

Quest Bars

No Cow Bars: High in fiber and great tasting!

I also recommend taking a daily Digestive Enzyme Supplement.  Amanda and I are both loving this one!

Also check out my Healthy Foods On the Go post to see good ordering options at fast food places.  I am not one for cooking with our busy schedule and traveling, so I use Paleo Works food delivery for my dinners!

Ready for you 2019.  Let's do this!


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