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Self tanning tips + Sephora product picks

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One of my biggest pet peeves is, shockingly, spray tans.  I love having a faux glow, but I hate the smell and having to schedule time, in my already booked-out day, to get one.  I actually haven't spray tanned in about 4 years.  Self tanning products have gotten much better than their old prototypes.  They are so good now that you hardly need to get a spray tan!  I'm going to give you my tips on what I use, and when I use them.  If you are at Rouge level then this is a great time to stock up on your tanning supplies during Sephora's Rouge 20% off beauty sale!

- My #1 fave self tanner is the tried and true St. Tropez Express Bronzing Mousse.  This product truly is the "Holy Grail" of tanning products.  Depending on how long you let it sit on your skin, you can get a light glow or a deep, dark tan.  I opt to sleep in this for a deep, dark tan look.  I always exfoliate in the shower first to prep my skin for an even tan.  Then, I apply the mousse with the St. Tropez applicator mitt.  The mitt ensures that the tan is applied evenly without streaks and it keeps your palms from getting dirty.   If you want just a little glow, you can rinse off after a couple of hours.  I have no problems sleeping in this though, because the smell isn't that intense and it doesn't seem to come off on your sheets like spray tans.  For accidental messes, like some mousse getting on your pal, I use makeup remover wipes to clean up the area.  Sometimes, if you use water and soap to clean it up, it can cause streaks.  FYI, I only use the mousse on my body. I will explain what I use on my face below.

- My #2 fave self tanner is the "get tan in a pinch" Dr. Gross Body Glow Pads.  If I haven't had time to do the St. Tropez mousse the night before, and am in rush to get a tan instantly, then these glow pads come in handy.  You will develop a tan in an hour and the smell isn't intense, so I don't rinse off to keep the tan intense.  These have saved me before a night out!  I also use the Dr. Gross Alpha Beta Face Glow Pads exclusively as my self-tanner for my face.  They give you a natural looking tan, packed with active Vitamin D and acids to make your skin feel more exfoliated.  I have acne prone skin and I've never had a breakout with these. They actually help ward off blackheads and give a smoother texture to my face.  This pads are even great stocking stuffers, or little gifts to give to a friend or relative, if you are already in the Holiday shopping mode!  

- My #3 fave self tanner is the St. Tropez Gradual Tan Classic Everyday Body Lotion.  I use this like a maintenance tanner. It works great in conjunction with the other 2 products I mentioned.  If you did the mousse or glow body pads once a week, then this everyday lotion will help you maintain your glow.  This product is very moisturizing and again does not have a strong smell!

Shop my Tanning Picks Below!

Like I mentioned, Sephora is having their amazing Rouge level sale with 20% off all products.  Be sure to use the promo code: ROUGEBONUS.   Not only is it a great time to stock up on tanning products, but also other beauty faves as well.  I'm a self-admitted beauty junkie, so have tried many products over the years. Below are my top picks that I use + love.  These are all great Holiday gift ideas too.

Happy tanning + happy shopping!

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