Tuesday, October 23, 2018


I love workouts that give me a humbling experience, and this is definitely one of them! I have talked about how much I love Megaformers before, but SculptHouse takes the Megaformer™ experience to a another level by incorporating the Woodway curve treadmills into the equation.

Megaformers are so amazing because they keep constant tension on your muscles and help you get that long + lean look. I always struggle during the ab section of the class on this equipment, because it's so challenging. The goal on the Megaformers is to be slow and controlled. There is a lot to think about with your form on each move, but don’t worry, the instructor is always there to help correct and get you in the right position.

Woodway curve treadmills..... well, they are challenging. These treadmills are all about manual power and you physically moving the belt. Here is the good news: you pick your level of exertion. They don’t tell you how fast to go. You have four levels to choose from on the treadmill. So, you pick what each level means to you. Also good news - you burn 30% more calories on these kind of treadmills than a regular treadmill. No pain, no gain, right?!

Anne Marie (@fitcitypearl) Lead Trainer for Nashville Sculpthouse says the following:

"Our 50 minute StrengthSculpt class using the Megaformer™ to deliver endurance,

cardio, core, balance, and flexibility training with each and every move. Burn fat, kick-start your metabolism and improve your postural alignment with this workout – easily modified or amplified to fit the needs of each client,CardioSculpt. Our signature workout. Combining 25 minutes of cardio intervals on the Woodway Curve treadmill with 25 minutes of Megaformer™ strength training, this cutting-edge workout produces maximum results.

Speeds on the Curve are defined by "levels" of exertion that consistently challenge and allow you to customize each workout based on your ability and needs. Whether you are walking or running, each stride is a step closer to reaching your goals."

Class Options:
  • Cardio Sculpt Up:  25 minutes Upper body on Megaformer, 25 minutes Woodway
  • Cardio Sculpt Down:  25 minutes Lower body on Megaformer, 25 minutes Woodway
  • Cardio Sculpt 360:  25 minutes Full body on Megaformer, 25 minutes Woodway
  • Strength Sculp: 50 minutes Full body on Megaformer 

For class you will need a pair of sticky socks that you will use while on the Megaformer, and your tennis shoes for the Woodway treadmill.

I am all about classes that give me everything I want in one workout: sculpting, cardio, and sweating. And SculptHouse is all that and more. And the music is “Crystal approved”!

Sculpthouse Nashville
Vertis Building
3990 Hillsboro Pike Suite200
Nashville,TN 37215

Happy Sculpting,


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