Thursday, January 4, 2018


I will be honest... I am not a huge "resolution" person.  Yeah I can always workout more or eat healthier, but I do my best everyday and I try not to be too hard on myself.  But I do know something I really need to work on and that is meditation and resting my mind.  I usually hate Savasana pose at the end of class.  My mind is just racing with the things I have to do, and how I need to get going.  So this post from my good friend and Registered Yoga Teacher, Alexis, I am really going to try to take to heart!  Alexis teaches at Shakti Yoga Studio (one of my faves!), and she is amazing.  I encourage you to give her a follow @aahenslee for inspirational quotes and flawless yoga poses around Nashville. 

What’s the one thing most of us neglect as we set our “resolutions” for a healthy and fit new year? Membership at a pricey new gym? Nope.. Very specific meal plan and macro count? Nah.. Brand new Lululemon outfits.. Well it can’t hurt, but no ;)
It’s a mindfulness practice. We tend to set our goals so strictly physical that we neglect the one thing that can make or break us.
Why is it that we willingly exhaust ourselves in the gym but the thought of a few minutes alone with our thoughts is truly scary? It doesn’t have to be and hopefully introducing a short meditation each day will help you stay true to your goals and maybe even realize a deeper intention for the start of a new year.

Here are some quick instructions to incorporate mindfulness into your routine.

1. Set aside 5 minutes. Morning or evening. Make this work for you and your schedule.

2. Find an easy, comfortable seat. Somewhere you can sit tall. Close your eyes. Rest your hands on your knees or your lap. Modify this so you’re comfy. No one gets bonus points for suffering through their meditation.

3. Scan your body. Start at the top of your head and work your way down. Notice how your body feels. Where do you hold tension, where are you relaxed?

4. Bring your awareness to your breath. Follow your breath in and out. We’re just bringing realization to something we do all day, every day. Long and steady inhales and exhales.

5. Know that your mind will wander. Meditating is not sitting quietly with a blank mind. That’s just impossible, y’all! It’s awareness without attachment. Acknowledge your thoughts, let them pass. Nothing you can do about them right now. 

6. We sit for 5 minutes and focus on our breathing while letting our thoughts flow by. Hey! You’re meditating, how about that?!?!

7. As we close, scan your body one more time. This time with appreciation for your breath and for this time you’ve taken for yourself.

Hopefully this short meditation will complement the physical goals you’ve set for yourself in the new year!



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