Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hot Yoga Plus Espresso Flow

Sometimes, during the work day I don't have a full hour in my schedule to devote to working out. If you are have a little time during lunch and want to get a quick stretch/workout in, check out Hot Yoga Plus Franklin's Espresso Flow class at noon.  This class is on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday's. This class is great, because it's only 45 minutes! The studio is not too hot either, so getting back to work is not a problem.  The 45 minute class gets your heart rate up, helps you get your stretch on and is muscle building.

I love this studio.  It is so welcoming and laid back.  All the teachers are great, and I always learn something in the classes.  I love incorporating Yoga into my fitness routine.  It goes so well with my other workouts like Barry's Bootcamp to keep my muscles stretched, and help with the long lean look we all strive to achieve.  Remember, I am all about #mixingitup!

Also check out Tabata flow class during lunch time!  This one is on Tuesday's and Thursday's.  This is a power flow class with high intensity intervals in between.  This one will get your heart rate up and sweaty.  But, they have showers there, so its all good!  This class also has a great, upbeat music playlist.  I love combining cardio and yoga!  

Hot Yoga Plus

1550 West McEwen Drive, Suite #20
Franklin, TN 37067


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