Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Art of the Half-Tuck

Top + Jeans + Sandals

All my friends and clients know how much I love a half-tuck (insert eye roll)!  But seriously I constantly find myself trying to fix people's shirts.  It's a super easy styling trick that helps with proportion.  My problem area is my stomach so I'm constantly trying to conceal my waistline.  Most people think that by leaving their shirt loose it will hide that area but what happens is that the outfit appears to be sloppy.  By doing a simple half-tuck it helps polish and smooth out your figure.  

To achieve this look you barely tuck in your top about an inch under the waistband.  Then you can blouse out the top to make it look loose.  Look at the pictures below to see what a difference it makes to create a waistline!

A bit sloppy

More polished!

Choker + Pendant + Clutch

With a statement top I like to keep the rest of the look simple. By pairing easy white jeans with delicate jewelry the top stands out on its own. Some people start putting the white jeans away after Labor Day but this is the time of year when I start wearing them more! It's too hot in Nashville to wear jeans that much in the summer so fall is a great time to break out the denim. I love pairing white denim with booties in the fall and over the knee boots in the winter. These Old Navy white jeans have been a staple in my closet for many years. The fit is great and you can't beat the price tag. 

Another staple is this reptile print clutch that I purchased from Tory Burch 5 years ago. Animal print bags or shoes are classic pieces and can make an elegant impact on your look for years to come. I linked some similar clutch options below.

Shop The Look!

Happy Tucking!

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