Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Barry's Bootcamp Brings the Heat

I can’t get enough of my Barry’s Bootcamp.  They describe it as the "best workout in the world", and it may very well be for me.  It’s the workout I truly look most forward to and the one that keeps me motivated.  It's also the closest thing I get to going to a club weekly with two young kids.  Music is a huge motivator for me in all my workouts (love me some hip hop).  They play it loud, with bass, and turn down the lights.  All the young, hot, 20-somethings keep this 35 year old mom pushing myself!
Josh Gamble is my favorite Barry's instructor. He is tough, has the best tunes and keeps you motivated! Follow him for fitness inspiration on Instagram @joshgamblefitness
Barry's Bootcamp is a treadmill and floor workout, with weights.  Most teachers just have you on the treadmill for around 7 minutes at a time before you switch back to the floor.  I will be the first to admit that I'm not the best runner.  It took me quite a while to build up to their running and sprint speeds (I am still pretty slow compared to most).  Treadmill workouts can include  jogs, runs, sprints and inclines.  Instructors will also have you go backwards and shuffle side-to-side.  Additionally, you can put the treadmill in “dynamic mode”- where you manually move the treadmill yourself. 

The floor series is done on, or next to a bench. You #mixitup by incorporating free weights, resistance bands, booty bands and weighted medicine balls. 

Each day of the week focuses on different muscle groups during the floor workout.  I love Tuesday's, which are butt and leg day.  Friday thru Sunday is the full body workout, which is my favorite class because you get a little bit of everything. I did Barry's through both of my pregnancies (always check with your doctor regarding your workouts while pregnant).  I just slowed down on the treadmill, lightened up on the weights and listened to my body.  You use a bench on the floor.  After 20 weeks, when you are not supposed to lay flat on your back, I simply took out the front two risers to make the bench angled.

Thank you Barry’s Bootcamp for taking my fitness to another level, and making working out so fun!

Check them out:
Barry’s Bootcamp Nashville
30811th Ave South
Nashville, TN 37203

Happy Sprinting,


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