Monday, June 26, 2017

Welcome to Nashville Fit + Style

Amanda + Crystal

We are working moms in Nashville that can't wait to share our love of fashion and fitness with women in the community. We want to inspire women to put themselves first, because if Mama's not one's happy! Finding time for yourself is so important. With fashion, experiment with a new trend, or purchase something classic and have it tailored perfectly for you. When you feel good, you look good! Try a new fitness class out of your comfort zone, and have fun with working out.  Our hope for this blog is to inspire you to put yourself first, have fun with fashion and make fitness a part of your lifestyle. If we can do it, so can you! Follow along with us while we share fitness and style tips and trends, and we will also have a lot of fun along the way!

FIT with Crystal

Here is my philosophy on working out and eating.  My body responds best to mixing up my workouts (#mixitup).  I don’t want to do the same thing every day because I want to create muscle confusion. That is why I love group fitness classes. I've pretty much tried every studio in Nashville, and it's my favorite way to work out. In Barry’s Bootcamp and Shed, I will do heavier weights.  In barre classes, yoga sculpt, and Studio Novo, I will do only 3 pound weights and sometimes no weights at all.  I love incorporating yoga into my routine as well to help me recover and stretch. Yoga also helps with getting a long, lean look.  I especially love any class that is heated.  Heated classes help get your heart rate up, and makes you sweat out all the bad stuff.

As far as eating goes, I strive for lower carb and lower sugar.  It is unrealistic to eat NO carbs or NO sugar.  My goal is to only drink calories that are fun aka alcohol, or a coffee drink.  I also believe in anything high fiber.  If it’s high in fiber its going to be lower in carbs, and keep you regular as well as feeling fuller.  I am a water drinking fanatic.  Drinking a ton of water every day is the easiest change, and best thing you can do for your body.  I do not like to cook, in fact I am a terrible cook.  So, my meals are super easy and don’t call for a lot of food prep.

By no means am I perfect everyday.  I live by a work hard play hard mentality.  I work really hard during the week so on the weekends I can have the things I love and crave!

STYLE with Amanda

Top + Jeans + Bag + Earrings + Sunnies + Shoes

My style philosophy is to not take yourself too seriously. Fashion is supposed to be FUN! Crystal likes to #mixitup for fitness, and I do the same for fashion. I love mixing high and low brands together for a modern way of dressing. There are numerous retailers out there that provide affordable fashion, so why not take advantage of that? It's important to purchase a few classic pieces, or accessories, that are the foundation of your wardrobe. Those pieces can be your more expensive items and then use more cost effective pieces to fill in the gaps. My favorite item to splurge on is handbags. I dream about handbags (insert eye roll). I love pairing a designer bag with my favorite on trend Target shoes!

For closet maintenance, I believe that if you purchase an item you must purge an item as well. Having a cluttered closet makes it impossible to get dressed. Color coding and streamlined items help get you out of the door faster in the morning. I use several local resale shops and online resale sites as well to purge my items. I also think it helps to have a "uniform" for certain events. For example, I wear similar things to all my son's sport events. I call it my "mom uniform".

I don't always have time to perfect my look when I leave the house because that is an impossible task with kids. But, I try when I have the time! Wear what looks flattering on you, even if it's not on trend. Confidence trumps all!

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We are going to have a lot of fun with fitness and fashion, so follow us on social media and our blog! Thank you to the incredibly talented Jordyn Smalling for the amazing photos!



  1. You are both inspirations to us working moms who know we need time to take care of ourselves and feel good! Fashion and working out take time and energy, but are both so important for us to be our best selves and feel good. I love all the ideas you share on this blog... keep it comin!! Carmen M.

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet comment Carmen! We are grateful for your support. You inspire us with your always impeccable style and mad fitness skills!
      Amanda + Crystal

  2. You girls are amazing rock star mommas and go to people for info on what to do and what to wear! So glad that you are doing this blog and I look forward to following you along this journey!


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