Thursday, November 1, 2018

The struggle is real- tips for staying away from Halloween candy!

It’s that time of the year when candy is all around us! How do you stay away from all that goodness, when your kids are constantly eating it, and they are in their Halloween bucket pulling out reese's?! Well.... there is not a perfect answer. Self control (unfortunately), is going to be biggest thing. I always picture myself waking up the next morning and how I will feel. We all need treats every now and again, but here are a few ways I keep myself “distracted” to not eat the kid’s treats.

Make yourself your own “treat.” Something that keeps you occupied and tastes good, without being super high in sugar. I have a few things at my house always on hand. It’s kind of a mental game. I am eating something fun for me, and I am going to ignore that my kids are eating treats.

Peanut Butter. Honestly, this is a treat for me. Not only is one scoop pretty filling- its delish. Buy a brand that does not have a lot of sugar, or even better, get some almond butter. I put mine on a GG cracker to add in some fiber to help keep me full + add a crunch. I have also taken a little piece of my low carb wraps that I love, and made a little mini peanut butter wrap for myself. Again, it feels like I am eating a treat that is low carb, high in fiber and yummy!

Popsicles- A good little treat to keep you occupied.  I usually look for lower sugar ones at the store.  There is also a SkinnyCow brand that is lower in fat and sugar.

Coffee- making a cup of joe (decaf for night time) at home, or getting something at Starbucks always helps my sweet tooth. You can always dash a little Baileys in there to make it a very special treat. Remember there is a healthier almond version of Baileys, with less sugar now, too!

Sparkling soda water- I always have one on hand. Cracking open my favorite La Croix flavor makes me feel like I am drinking a little something fun and makes me think I am a little more full.

Water, water, water- chugging water can help with cravings. Maybe your body isn’t craving anything, it is just thirsty. Worth a shot anyways!

Stay strong friends because we all know the struggle is real!

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