Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Defiance Fuel- Ultra Purified Performance Water

It’s all about water! I am such a huge water advocate. I could go on and on about the benefits of water, but you haven’t really had water until you have tried Defiance Fuel: an ultra purified performance water. (Discount Code Below).

I first saw the water at Barry’s Bootcamp. I just happened to have to purchase it because I forgot my bottle. I am a huge water snob as it is, so I was a tad skeptical. I had it during class and I thought, damn I feel good, and this taste so crisp. So of course I bought three more for the weekend :). As time went on I hated working out without it.

What is the fuel?
Defiance Fuel has has over 30 years of water research, it is a patented, clinically tested, premium structured water we consider your best hydration vehicle in the market. It was pioneered with Olympic gold medal athletes in 2000-2003.  The research has concluded it increases your metabolic rate, cellular mobility and overall cellular health.

Defiance Fuel has shown clinically to significantly improve:
  • Basil Metabolic Rate - measure of how much fuel your body burns
  • Intracellular/extracellular waiter ratio and water mobility
  • Cell charge which is a measurement of cell membrane health 
Personal Testimony

Let me start by saying, I never get migraines. I went though Yoga Sculpt teacher training last year and had one week where I taught every day for a few days. After class I started to get the blurry vision and headache. This was so weird to me because it wasn’t like my body wasn’t use to the heat or working out? I had run out of my subscription to Defiance fuel that week and hadn’t been drinking it. When I finally got it in and started drinking my water during class... never have had a migraine again!

Another perk of Defiance Fuel. It helps with hangovers!! Those nights you have a few glasses of wine and you usually just feel ehhhh the next day. I swear it makes me feel so much better! I also drink vodka waters with lemon sometimes, and I use my Defiance Fuel as a mixer. We all know preventing hangovers is about being as hydrated as possible. So drinking water that hydrates you is the best way to go!! True story: I ship the water when I go on my girls trips to my destination.  It is a life saver!

Click on this link to:  Learn More about Defiance Fuel

How do I order?

To order you can visit Defiance Fuel.  Use code: NASHVILLEFITSTYLE for 20% off your order and free shipping.  You have to order a minimum of 3 cases to get the 20%.  You can also sign up for monthly delivery and utilize the code as well.
Hydrate well friends!


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