Friday, September 14, 2018

Yoga Sculpt Breakdown

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The new CorePower Yoga has opened in Green Hills and it is a beaut! Located in the new Vertis building in Green Hills right across the street from Trader Joe’s. The space is light + airy, with all the same great swag you normally find in their other studios.

For those new to CorePower Yoga I wanted to introduce my fave class, Yoga Sculpt.  Breaking down the class and answering the common questions that I get; as well as why I love it! I knew I loved this class + had a passion for it, but going through teacher training and now being able to lead it has made me love it even more! For me its all about timing the choreography to hit all parts of your body, and playing the best possible playlist. If you know me- you know picking out music for my class makes me extremely giddy. :)

Breaking down the class:

  • Sun A and Sun B- aka sun salutations- we break these down slowly at first, setting up the positions without weights. Then we flow through Sun B twice with your light set of weights.

  • Every instructor does a slightly different order after this but I'll break down my usual routine:

  • Biceps + pushups.... well in my class I don’t do hardly any pushups. Why?? To be honest I hate pushups and I am terrible at even demoing them! Ha...Just being totally honest. I may do a few dolphin pushups, or other chest exercises to work your chest.

  • SQUATS!! My FAVE part of class I just love leg tracks. Even if you don’t love to squat, I promise that I will have a fun song to get you through.

  • Cardio:  I usually do some type of boxing circuit. I fell in love with kickboxing doing Les Mills type of classes; so I usually do some jabs and kicks, which gets your heart rate up and keeps your core engaged.

  • Sculpt Series 1 & 2:  Through these series you work several muscle groups (triceps, shoulders, back, biceps, and some legs ). You do these exercises in your chair pose, warrior 2, and horse pose, so you are still incorporating yoga in your practice.

  • SQUATS 2.0:  Another fave! I usually throw different types of leg exercises in here like lunges, dead lifts, side squats..etc

  • Glutes and Chest:  The moves I do the the most her are bridge hip lifts while incorporating some chest presses.

  • Abs: We finish up with an ab song!

  • Stretch

  • Shavasana

Here are some frequent questions that I get:

"What weights should I use?"
I tell everyone (women) to start with 3 and 5 pound weights.  These are the weights I typically still use.  I use the 3 pounds to flow through Sun A and B.  I use the 5 pounds for biceps, and Sculpt Series 1 and 2.  I tell everyone to start a little heavier and always drop down.  I sometimes grab 8 pounds if I am feeling like I want heavy lift for my biceps and back.  Remember we do a lot of reps!

"Can I take this class if I haven't done hardly any Yoga?"
YES!  We break down Sun A and Sun B nice and slow right at the beginning.  After you get that you are good to go!  I always tell my students to listen to your body, do what you can do, and take breaks.  And remember weights are totally optional the whole class.  The hardest part for a new yogi is doing a chaturanga correctly.  You can always skip those, do them on your knees, or let me help you before or after class.

"Is the class heated?"
Yes...but not very much. The more I teach this class the more I tend to turn the heat down, especially in the summer.  I turn it up a tad in the winter.  It is not as hot as a typical flow, C2, or Bikram class at all.  I try to keep it in the 90's and I always crack the door at some point during class.  I never turn on the humidity. 

I love this class so much because it gives you a little bit of everything: stretching, muscle building, cardio, sweating... it does it all!  I truly feel stronger and can tell a difference when I take this class consistently.  And most importantly its just FUN!  

Come Sculpt with me Sundays at 11:30 AM at the Brentwood location, and reach out if you have any questions!


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