Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Getting Back on Track

We all do it. We jump, dive, belly flop off the band wagon sometimes. I always say, I work on a work hard, play hard mentality. When I was on our vacation with my family, I definitely indulged more than I usually do. I did a small workout everyday, but nothing major. It's hard to say "no" to ice cream when everyone else is eating it every night! The important thing is that we jump back on as quickly as we jump off. Here are four easy things I do to get myself back on track after a week of vacationing.

1.  Have a shake, or juice, for a meal replacement. I am not a big “cleanser” because I need protein for my workouts. But, if you skip a few meals during the week with a shake or green juice, I think that gets your head back on straight. It also can help shrink down your stomach size, that we probably stretched out.

2.  Incorporate some good cleansing foods and drinks. I struggle with drinking apple cider vinegar every morning. I have found some other things that I like better to drink. Try the Suja Organic Drinking Vinegar. It sounds gross. but it's pretty good and they have so many different flavors. They combine apple cider vinegar and coconut vinegar with tons of probiotics.

3.  Increase the water intake. Let’s face it, we drink more booze while on vacations/trips. Or, at least I do. Whether it is for work or play, drinks at dinner (and during the day) are usually what happens. So, we need to rehydrate ourselves and get all the bad stuff flushed out of our systems. Chugging tons of water can also help with bloating. Lemon and cucumbers are both diuretics, so adding them to your water will help and make it taste yummy.

4.  Lastly – STEP AWAY FROM THE SCALE. Most of the weight is probably water weight, so why torture yourself? I am not huge on weighing a lot anyways. Don't be too hard on yourself! We all have to live a little and eat whatever and drink whatever we want sometimes. It just makes your hard work worth it! The more you live a healthy lifestyle, the more it will motivate you to stay more on track, and get back on track quicker

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  1. Good tips!! I am so far off my wagon it's not even funny. Thanks for the encouragement to get back on.

  2. Great tips thanks! I will have to buy some of that Suja!!

  3. I drink ACV & hate it...def trying the Suja! Thanks for the tip!


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