Friday, February 22, 2019

At-Home Workout Essentials

As much as I love going to classes for my workout, sometimes there really is no way to make it happen.  My husband and I alternate mornings that we get to go to the gym, so the days that I can't make it I sometimes have to settle for a good ole at-home workout.

First off a good few set of weights is essential.  A good starting range is 5-10, then you can always build up to 8-12 pounds.  I always like to start heavy and burn my muscles out, then drop down lower from there.  A good beginner light weight set is 5-8 pound, intermediate 8-10, and advanced 10-15 pounds.

Another fave is the "Booty band".  Strap these around your ankles to intensify any leg workout, or keep them on during upper body with a wide stance to keep your legs engaged.  I love doing bridge lifts with them and keeping my legs wide.  You can also hold at the top of your bridge pose and pulse your legs outward.

I love having an at home pull up bar.  I have a goal to do 20 pull ups everyday.   I use a pull up band when I do them of course.  Maybe one day I'll workout up to doing them without, ha!  But for now I love the extra support and guidance it gives me.

I love incorporating a Bosu Ball into my workouts.  Bosu ball's make your muscles stabilize and can intensify any workout.  I like flipping is over and standing on it to do my upper body exercises and to intensify my squats. You can also flip it over to intensify your ab work.  This makes it so much harder because you are having to stabilize + use your core strength.

Resistance bands with handles are a great option to use instead of weights + they travel well!  They also really help you get that long lean muscle because you have constant tension.  You can use these for bicep curls + tricep kickbacks + lower body.

The beloved Kettle Bell.  I may be the only person that likes doing kettle bell swings!  But they are such a good full body workout + they get your heart rate up!

Hope this helps you get some motivation for your at home workouts!


Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

The big V Day is just around the corner! I have to admit I'm not always the biggest fan of this holiday because I'm not much of a red + pink kinda girl (self-admitted neutral lover!) But it does give you a good excuse to show your loved ones (or even yourself) a little extra love!

I treated myself early with these stunning geometric earrings from Uncommon James.  Would make a great gift for a mom, sister, girlfriend or yourself!

For the Ladies:
Showing your mom, sister, friend, or kid's teacher a little extra love for this holiday goes a long way with them.  Even if it is a hand written note with an under $10 gift! We as women often put everyone else first so it's nice to feel appreciated!  

One of my fave under $10 gifts is this diamond cleaner because who doesn't want to keep their jewels shining bright?!
If you've been following us for awhile then you know how obsessed we are with this lip mask!  It truly gives you kissable lips + battles the winter dryness for $20.

For a fab gift in the under $100 category this fits the bill.  This travel jewelry case comes in eight colors and can be monogrammed.  The blush one is on my wish list!

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For the Guys:
If you are like me then shopping for your dude can be tough!  My hubby and I don't do big gifts for each other because we would rather buy something for the house or for the kids.  But sometimes it's nice to give your man a little something even if they swear they don't want anything!

My man crushes!

This was one of my top picks for Christmas because my hubby loves it!  This car vent phone grip is a life-saver in the car and a steal at under $10.  

I love this slim cut version of a Henley tee!  It comes in eight colors and looks comfy + cute!

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