Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Current Crushes - Vday Gift Ideas

Is it just me, or is 2018 already flying by??  The fact that January is almost over is kinda crazy in my opinion.  We are nearing the "love it, or hate it"  holiday known as Valentine's Day (I prefer the V Day nickname).  I've never been super amped up for this holiday, but I have to admit sometimes its nice to be gifted a little something.  I put together a list of some gift ideas that you can email to your honey.  Or, if you are without a Valentine this year, take the time to treat yo' self!

I've been obsessing over this darling mini faux shearling tote for awhile!  It is currently on sale, and the marigold color is to the die for.  This bag also comes in black. It's hard to decide between the colors!

These gold framed aviator sunglasses look far more expensive than its under $50 price tag.  You can never have enough sunnies right?  Since Spring Break is just around the corner, this makes for an excellent + timely gift.

I helped my Dad purchase some things for my Mom's birthday recently, and this was a huge hit for her!  This distinct white floral scent is unexpected and timeless at the same time.  The bottle will also look gorgeous displayed on your vanity! 

These silver star printed leggings have been featured everywhere, and with good reason!  Since everyone is getting their fitness on for the start of 2018, cute + functional workout gear is always a good idea!

Luggage is something that is very necessary, but not always fun to purchase for yourself.  But this rose gold (comes in white as well) 2 piece spinner luggage set makes me want to travel more!  The hard shell exterior makes the set durable and the price is very reasonable for 2 key, luggage pieces.

I have a love of cozy sweatshirts that you can throw on with jeans or leggings.  Thank God the athleisure trend is not going away any time soon!  This adorable "Chic" printed sweatshirt would be on heavy rotation in my wardrobe.  

These statement blush colored stunners simply make an outfit! The price is on point and would make a great gift for a girlfriend or sister!

The cozy shag outerwear trend has been huge lately!  This looped shag open cardigan makes an entrance and is great for transitioning to spring. This would look fab paired with jeans + a simple tank or with a dress for a night out!  

We are all guilty of wearing our fave ratty sweatpants to bed!  Sometimes our pj's need a makeover too and this velvet 2 piece set brings some glam to the bedroom.  


Thursday, January 18, 2018

LifeTime Fitness

I always say that fitness + health is a lifestyle.  Well, if you are looking for a place to help you with your healthy lifestyle, check out LifeTime Fitness in Franklin.  Can I just say...WOW?!  I have been a member at several gyms during my life, and I have NEVER seen anything that comes close to this facility!

For starters, there is a huge cardio and weight floor with everything you can possibly think of for your workout.  They even have special treadmills that can train you the way professional athletes train (i.e. parachute running).
Huge workout area

You know I am all about group fitness classes!  LifeTime offers just about every fitness class you can imagine. There are two Yoga Studios! LifeTime offers the following: Yoga  classes: flow, surrender, warrior sculpt, and meditation.  They also have a reformer pilates studio, barre classes, kickboxing, TCX, barbell strength classes..on and on.  I was amazed that ALL of these classes are included in your membership.

                                                   Yoga Studio                                                            
Fitness Studio

Here is the best part for you mommas out there! Your children can be members for $30, per child, a month.  Having this childcare option will get two hours, per day, of "me time" and the kids get to enjoy an amazing "playroom".  It's like a babysitting service at your gym.  The kid area has incredible activities like obstacle courses, basketball courts, and other fun activities to keep them entertained.

My family's weekend mornings consist of my husband and I taking turns to go to our respective classes. By the time we both get back and showered, half of the day is gone. So, I love the thought of us all going as a family to the gym and working out, while the kids play and burn some energy!

There is also an amazing spa on site.  You can get your nails done, hair did, or a massage all while the kids play!  They also have a cafe with lots of healthy and yummy food options for the whole family.  LifeTime even has healthy meals "to-go" that you can grab on your way out.

One of the Fitness Rooms

They also have an amazing indoor and outdoor pool.  The outdoor pool is equipped with major water slides as well as a leisure pool.  The indoor pools are zero depth so great for the little kids as well.
Outdoor Pool 
Photo: www.lifetime.life

My family is definitely considering signing up for a membership.  If you want to make fitness your lifestyle, I highly recommend you check out LifeTime Fitness.
Life Time Fitness Franklin
5020 Carothers Parkway
Franklin, TN 37067
Hours: 4AM-12AM

Monday, January 15, 2018

Current Crushes

I'm introducing a weekly post with all the things I'm currently crushing on!  As always, if you have ever have a question or an idea for a post, just message me.  Does anyone else feel like its starting to be Groundhog's Day with this cold weather?!  Doing a little online shopping usually makes me feel better, ha!

With all this cold weather you practically want to live in cozy leggings and warm boots.  It's been hard to find great tunic sweaters with the cropped sweater trend going on lately.  I don't know about you, but I prefer a long sweater to cover up everything!  This tie sleeve detail tunic would be adorable with your fave leather leggings.

I discovered this budget friendly sueded-knit moto jacket which would transition easily over to spring!  It comes in this, on trend olive color, as well as a dreamy lilac and classic navy.  I might have to scoop up all 3!

The frigid temps lately have caused extreme dryness in my complexion and specifically my lips.  This product has literally saved my poor lips and now I've been waking up to a super soft pout.  I've been using this on my boys lips too at night and they love it!

These stunners are currently marked down to $25 and come in 3 gorgeous colors.  They definately make a statement and have that wow factor.  The red color would be great for hot date with your Valentine!

My goal is to get back into running this year.  I'm not planning on running a half yet, but I want to get in the routine of running outside once this weather gets warmer.  I highly recommend running in these shoes- you never get blisters and the cushioning is super comfortable.  These shoes run small, so be sure to size up!


Friday, January 12, 2018

Nordstrom Rack Buys / Flooded Closet Saga

With my closet literally in shambles thanks to my pipes freezing, busting, and flooding my entire wardrobe while I was on vacation (cue ugly cry face!), I needed to get some essentials to get me by!

The first place I headed to was my fave Nordstrom Rack. I had Christmas gift cards to Nordstrom and knew I would get the most bang out of my buck to head to the "Rack" first!  I usually go straight to the shoe department there; this is where the "Rack" shines.  I know people can get intimidated shopping in large discount stores.  So, I often tell my friends and clients to focus on the shoe department if the other areas seem to overwhelming.  Since basically all my shoes have been destroyed, I needed footwear STAT.  
The first thing I needed were some new Nike sneakers!  After the stress of coming home to water damage, I needed to get my sweat on. Nordstom Rack always has great deals on Nikes. I use these for cross training and running on the treadmill (I wear Asics for running outside fyi). You can't beat this price of $59.97!
Next up I needed  fuctional + cute black booties to pair with pants or tights, specifically for work looks. But you can also wear these with jeans for casual looks too!  The heels on these booties are perfect for work because they are not too high and are a block shape, which makes it easy to walk around in.

I've been living in these Steve Madden slip-ons!  These are now part of my weekend uniform and are perfect for pairing with black jeans or leggings.  

After I wiped out the shoe department (ha!),  I headed to the clothing area to find a great work pant.  I know all you working ladies out there know the importance of a great fitting + functional black pant.  I tend to favor a slim style with a cropped leg.  Showing some ankle helps make the look feel more modern.  I fell in love with these side zip pants with a bit of a cropped flare!

Then I found this comfy hooded sweatshirt with ruffle sleeve detail, perfect for throwing on over your workout attire or lounging at home.  I think my hubby is starting to get concerned if I will ever take this off!

Check out some more of Nordstrom Rack finds below!

Thursday, January 4, 2018


I will be honest... I am not a huge "resolution" person.  Yeah I can always workout more or eat healthier, but I do my best everyday and I try not to be too hard on myself.  But I do know something I really need to work on and that is meditation and resting my mind.  I usually hate Savasana pose at the end of class.  My mind is just racing with the things I have to do, and how I need to get going.  So this post from my good friend and Registered Yoga Teacher, Alexis, I am really going to try to take to heart!  Alexis teaches at Shakti Yoga Studio (one of my faves!), and she is amazing.  I encourage you to give her a follow @aahenslee for inspirational quotes and flawless yoga poses around Nashville. 

What’s the one thing most of us neglect as we set our “resolutions” for a healthy and fit new year? Membership at a pricey new gym? Nope.. Very specific meal plan and macro count? Nah.. Brand new Lululemon outfits.. Well it can’t hurt, but no ;)
It’s a mindfulness practice. We tend to set our goals so strictly physical that we neglect the one thing that can make or break us.
Why is it that we willingly exhaust ourselves in the gym but the thought of a few minutes alone with our thoughts is truly scary? It doesn’t have to be and hopefully introducing a short meditation each day will help you stay true to your goals and maybe even realize a deeper intention for the start of a new year.

Here are some quick instructions to incorporate mindfulness into your routine.

1. Set aside 5 minutes. Morning or evening. Make this work for you and your schedule.

2. Find an easy, comfortable seat. Somewhere you can sit tall. Close your eyes. Rest your hands on your knees or your lap. Modify this so you’re comfy. No one gets bonus points for suffering through their meditation.

3. Scan your body. Start at the top of your head and work your way down. Notice how your body feels. Where do you hold tension, where are you relaxed?

4. Bring your awareness to your breath. Follow your breath in and out. We’re just bringing realization to something we do all day, every day. Long and steady inhales and exhales.

5. Know that your mind will wander. Meditating is not sitting quietly with a blank mind. That’s just impossible, y’all! It’s awareness without attachment. Acknowledge your thoughts, let them pass. Nothing you can do about them right now. 

6. We sit for 5 minutes and focus on our breathing while letting our thoughts flow by. Hey! You’re meditating, how about that?!?!

7. As we close, scan your body one more time. This time with appreciation for your breath and for this time you’ve taken for yourself.

Hopefully this short meditation will complement the physical goals you’ve set for yourself in the new year!